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20 August
21 August
22 August
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24 August
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ISIR General Assembly

Welcome reception
Evening   Free Banquet dinner  
Track titles of the 20th ISIR Symposium
E   Economics of Inventories
IM   Inventory Management
MM   Mathematical Models of Inventories
F   Forecasting for Inventories
SL   Maintenance Service Logistics
PP   Modelling and Managing Inventories of Perishable Products
EMP   Empirical Evidence for Inventory Theories
W   Inventory and Warehouse Management within Digital Supply Chains
T   Teaching Inventory Management and Control
BSPA   Best Student Paper Award
Hours/Date August 19
16.00-19.00 Registration desk opening
Hours/Date August 20
7.30 Registration desk opening
  Opening Plenary Session – (Magnolia)
  Chair: R. Teunter
9.15-9.30 Welcome: Attila Chikán
9.30-10.00 Mike Wilson: The Future of Supply Chains
10.00-10.30 Guido van Capelleveen – Luca Fraccascia – Henk Zijm – Devrim Yazan – Vahid Yazdanpanah: Industrial Symbiosis Networks
10.30-11.00 Coffee
  Plenary session – (Magnolia)
  Chair: R. Grubbström
11.00-11.30 Peter Berling – Lina Johansson – Johan Marklund: Controlling inventories in omni-channel distribution systems with variable customer order sizes
11.30-12.00 Zhixiang Chen: Cross-Country Production-Inventory Optimization with VMI+JIT Coordination – An IBM Case Based Study
12.00-12.30 Sean P. Willems: What Prevents The Application Of Inventory Theory In Practice?
12.30-14.00 Lunch
Hours/Date August 20
  MM1 – (Magnolia) IM1 – (Jasmine I.) F1 – (Jasmine II.) PP1 – (Kamilla)
  Chair: R. Güllü Chair: P. Kelle Chair: N. Kourentzes Chair: R. Haijema
14.00-14.30 Refik Güllü – Mehmet Yekta Tabanli: Optimal Allocation of Stock under Price Dependent Random Demand Gudrun Kiesmüller – Danja Sonntag: Disposal versus Rework – Inventory control in a production system with random yield Christoph Glock – Thanos Goltsos – Aris A. Syntetos: Forecasting – Inventory Control: Mind the Gap Tal Avinadav – Tatyana Chernonog: An EOQ Model in a Supply Chain of a Perishable Product Under a Revenue Sharing Contract
14.30-15.00 Yigal Gerchak – Lena Silbermayr: Partial Pooling by Independent Firms with Allocation according to Contribution to Pool Peter Kelle – Nikunja Mohan Modak: Product Quality, Eco-friendly Improvement and Pricing Decisions in a Two-echelon Supply Chain under Consumer Environmental Awareness Fotios Petropoulos – Ivan Svetunkov: An empirical evaluation of prediction intervals Tal Avinadav – Tatyana Chernonog: Inventory and Marketing Policy in a Supply Chain of a Perishable Product Under a Wholesale Price Contract
15.00-15.30 Filip Malmberg – Johan Marklund: Inventory control in distribution systems with quantity based shipment consolidation   Devon K. Barrow – Nikolaos Kourentzes – Juan R. Trapero: Optimising forecasting models for inventory planning Marjolein Buisman – Rene Haijema – Eligius Hendrix: Exploiting product substitution in replenishment to reduce food waste
15.30-16.00 Coffee (Foyer)
  MM2 – (Magnolia) IM2 – (Jasmine I.) SL1 – (Jasmine II.) EMP1 – (Kamilla)
  Chair: W. van Jaarsveld Chair: P. Niemi Chair: J. Arts Chair: T. de Kok
16.00-16-30 Joachim Arts – Willem van Jaarsveld: A new heuristic policy for lost sales inventory systems Petri Niemi – Aira Sevon: The effects of selected EU level regulatory measures to organic cereal supply chains – obstacles for new solutions and structures? Mustafa Hekimoglu – Gürhan Kok – Mustafa Sahin: Stockout Risk Estimation and Repair Expediting for Repairable Spare Parts Ton de Kok: Empirical Validity of Inventory Models
16.30-17.00 Rob Broekmeulen – Karel van Donselaar: Fill rate approximations for a lost sales environment Rommert Dekker – Willem van Jaarsveld – Sha Zhu: Life time extension and an application to PC upgrading Joachim Arts – Ece Demirci – Geert-Jan van Houtum: Practical Repair Shop Priorities Masha N. S. Menhat – Yahaya Yusuf: A Study of Performance Measurement in the Oil and Gas Supply Chain
17.00-17.30 Noor Hasnah Moin: A dynamic programming approach for the Stochastic Inventory Routing Problem with Backorders   Maarten Driessen – G.J. van Houtum – W.D. Rustenburg – W.H.M. Zijm: Capacity assignment in Repair Shops Under High Material Uncertainty Werner Jammernegg – Peter Kischka – Lena Silbermayr: Heterogeneity of Ordering Behavior in Non-standard Newsvendor Models: Theory and Empirical Findings
18.00-20.00 Welcome reception
Hours/Date August 21
  BSPA – (Magnolia) IM3 – (Jasmine I.) F2 – (Jasmine II.) SL2 – (Kamilla)
  Chair: P. Kelle Chair: E. Pastore Chair: A. Syntetos Chair: S. van der Auweraer
9.00-9.30 Werner Jammernegg – Patricia Rogetzer – Lena Silbermayr: A Newsvendor Framework for Sustainable Sourcing including Capacity Reservation for Recycled Materials Yves Dallery – Mohammed Hichame Benbitour – Evren Sahin: Components Inventory Control in an Assemble-to-Order System with Rush Ordering Erik Levén – Anders Segerstedt: A study of different Croston-like forecasting methods Joachim Arts – Joni Driessen – Geert-Jan van Houtum – Joost de Kruijff: Optimal Design of Line Replaceable Units
9.30-10.00 Rob Basten – Geert-Jan van Houtum – Bram Westerweel: Printing spare parts at remote locations: Fulfilling the promise of additive manufacturing Marc Chris Davies – Kostas Nikolopoulos – Siwan Mitchelmore: To MTO or to MTS, for that is the question Mohamed Zied Babai – John Boylan – Dennis Prak – Aris Syntetos – Ruud Teunter: Forecasting and Inventory Control with Compound Poisson Demand using Periodic Demand Data Robert Boute – Sarah van der Auweraer: Forecasting Spare Part Demand Using Service Maintenance Information
10.00-10.30 Szymon Albinski – Stefan Minner: Competitive Inventory Rebalancing with Application to Car-Sharing Arianna Alfieri – Erica Pastore – Giulio Zotteri: Multi-period policies for dynamic inventory rationing Mohamed Zied Babai – John Boylan: Estimation of discrete cumulative distributions by resampling Rommert Dekker – Willem van Jaarsveld – Sha Zhu: Spare Parts Stocking Decisions in Shutdown Planning
10.30-11.00 Coffee
  MM3 – (Magnolia) IM4 – (Jasmine I.) E1 – (Jasmine II.) PP2 – (Kamilla)
  Chair: K. Skouri Chair: G. Kiesmüller Chair: M. Bogataj Chair: S. Transchel
11.00-11.30 Ioannis Konstantaras – Athanasios Lagodimos – Konstantina Skouri : Decomposition-based optimization of a deterministic two-echelon inventory chain Gudrun Kiesmüller: Spare Parts or Buffer? How to Design a Flow Line with Unreliable Machines Attila Chikán: Inventory Impacts of Current Global Processes Sandra Transchel: The impact of “Minimum Life on Receipt” (MLOR) agreements on perishable product supply chains
11.30-12.00 Imre Dobos – Ágnes Wimmer: An embedded newsboy problem supporting inventory level and allocation decision in publishing industry Joan Stip: On a method to improve your service BOMs within spare parts management Marija Bogataj – David Bogataj: Housing stock construction, remodeling and demolition in growing and shrinking cities Asma Jbira – Amel Jaoua – Yann Bouchery – Zied Jemai: Discrete multiple pricing policy and inventory control for perishables under price dependent stochastic demand
12.00-12.30 Lina Johansson – Gudrun Kiesmüller – Johan Marklund – Danja R. Sonntag: Controlling Distribution Inventory Systems with Time Based Shipment Consolidation and Compound Poisson Demand   Subrata Mitra: Newsvendor Problem under an Endogenous End-of-Season Demand Weida Chen – Xiaoling Fu – Yong He – Heyin Hou – Yanan Yu – Haiyan You: Pricing and investment policy for agricultural products with brand quality learning
12.30-14.00 Lunch
Hours/Date August 21
  MM4 – (Magnolia) IM5 – (Jasmine I.) F3 – (Jasmine II.) SL3 – (Kamilla)
  Chair: C. Glock Chair: G. van der Heide Chair: J. Boylan Chair: R. Dekker
14.00-14.30 Christoph Glock – Taebok Kim: Production planning for a ramp-up process in a multi-stage production system with worker learning and growth in demand Gerlach van der Heide, Paul Buijs, Kees Jan Roodbergen, Iris F.A. Vis: Dynamic Shipments of Inventories in Shared Warehouse and Transportation Networks Song Gao – Ou Tang: Problems and Modelling Methods in Inventory Research: Mapping the Intellectual Structure through Text Mining Katrien Antonio – Robert Boute – Laurens Deprez: Data analytics for the pricing of full-service maintenance contracts
14.30-15.00 Mohamed Y. Jaber – Nasr Walid: A two-level joint production lot sizing problem with non-conforming items and learning Ivo Adan – Geert-Jan van Houtum – Sandra van Wijk: Optimal Lateral Transshipment Policies for a Two Location Inventory Problem with Multiple Demand Classes Teppei Inoue – Takahiro Ogura – Akihisa Tsujibe: Future manufacturing quantity prediction method for low cost global cooperative manufacturing Rommert Dekker – Weina Ma – Chiel van Oosterom: Stock rationing in an M/Ek/1 make-to-stock system with limited-patience spot customer
15.00-15.30 W.L. van Jaarsveld – Mirjam Meijer – A.G. de Kok: Incentivizing suppliers in vendor managed inventory contracts Yael Perlman: Different Channel and Product Preferences in a Supply Chain of Internet and Traditional Channels   Rob Basten – Geert-Jan van Houtum – Douniel Lamghari -Idrissi: Spare parts inventory control for performance-based contracts
15.30-16.00 Coffee
  MM5 – (Magnolia) IM6 – (Jasmine I.) IM7 – (Jasmine II.) T – (Kamilla)
  Chair: S.G. Johansen Chair: X. Cai Chair: R. Boute Chair: M. Drake
16.00-16-30 Søren Glud Johansen: Base-stock optimization of the hidden Markov model for an inventory with Poisson demand, non-crossing lead times and lost sales Iris- Pandora Krommyda – Konstantina Skouri – Vasileios A. Tatsis: Optimal ordering and disposal decisions for products with a fixed shelf life Stefan Minner: Service Levels in Supply Chain Inventory Systems Petri Niemi – Petra Pekkanen – Timo Pirttilä – Tiina Puolakka: Building integrator-skills in Supply Chain and Operations Management study programs
16.30-17.00 Beatriz Abdul-Jalbar Betancor – José M. Gutiérrez – Joaquín Sicilia: A two-echelon inventory system under trade credit: integrated versus non-integrated models Xiaoqiang Cai – Hairong Feng – Yinlian Zeng: Joint Replenishment of Multiple Retailers in Inventory Management with Carbon Caps Robert Boute – Stephen Disney – Jan van Mieghem: Dual Sourcing and Smoothing under Non-Stationary Demand Time Series: Re-shoring with SpeedFactories Sean Willems: Teaching Inventory Optimization In 11 Class Sessions
17.00-17.30 Dina Smirnov – Willem van Jaarsveld – Zumbul Atan – Ton de Kok: Simultaneous Capacity, Production and Inventory Decisions under Demand Uncertainty in a Multi-Period Assembly System Liu Lu – Qiuhong Zhao: Inventory Model for Perishable Drugs with Fixed Shelf Life under Stochastic Demand Condition Ruud Teunter – Niels van der Laan – Onur Alper Kilic – Ward Romeijnders: Data driven inventory control using stochastic optimization  
Hours/Date August 23
  MM6 – (Magnolia) IM8 – (Jasmine I.)    
  Chair: W.M. Yeo Chair: A. Banerjee    
9.30-10.00 Imre Dobos – Ralf Gössinger – Grigory Pishchulov: A reverse logistics system when items return with cycle dependent quality and remanufactured items are sold on quality dependent markets Joep van den Bogaert – Willem van Jaarsveld: Setting stock limits for vendor managed inventory    
10.00-10.30 Chen Jinsheng – Wee Meng Yeo: An Operational Form of Bundling Avijit Banerjee – Kurt Masten: Jointly Optimal Buyer-Supplier Contracts Via Third-Party Coordination    
10.30-11.00 Coffee
  MM7 – (Magnolia) IM9 – (Jasmine I.) SL4 – (Jasmine II.) W1 – (Kamilla)
  Chair: S. Korkulu Chair: R. Elbert Chair: G.J. van Houtum Chair: B. Du
11.00-11.30 Andrew Brint – Andrea Genovese – Carmela Piccolo – Zati Aqmar Zaharudin: An Adaptation of Capacitated Lot-Sizing models to deal with Facility Planning in a Scenario of Budget Reduction Ralf Elbert – Anne Friedrich – Christian Friedrich: Investigating the Cost-benefits of Labelling Postponement – A Simulation Case Study Joachim Arts – Melvin Drent: Expediting in Two-Echelon Spare Parts Inventory Systems Christoph Glock – Makusee Masae – Panupong Vichitkunakorn: Optimal Picker Routing in a Conventional Warehouse with Two Blocks and Arbitrary Start and End Points of a Tour
11.30-12.00 Sezen Korkulu,  – Krisztian Bona: Integration of ergonomic aspects into lot sizing model based on relaxation allowance and endurance time Ralf Elbert – Anne Friedrich: Simulation-Based “Total Cost of Ownership -Analysis for Network Design” – Investigating the Impact of Inventory-Related Costs Geert-Jan van Houtum – Tarkan Tan – Erwin van Wingerden: Spare parts management under double demand uncertainty Robert Boute – Joren Gijsbrechts – Jan A. van Mieghem – Dennis Zhang: Off-shoring versus on-shoring: A deep reinforcement learning approach for the generalized dual sourcing problem.
12.00-12.30   Mohamed Zied Babai -Yves Ducq – Fauzi Zowid: On the Empirical Performance of TOPSIS for ABC Inventory Classification Chaaben Kouki – Christian Larsen: Base-stock inventory systems for service parts with service differentiation and multiple batch demand classes Bisheng Du: Study on the Customized Products with Consumer’s Learning
12.30-14.00 Lunch
Hours/Date August 23
  EMP2 – (Magnolia) F4 – (Jasmine I.) E2 – (Jasmine II.) PP3 – (Kamilla)
  Chair: Y. Yusuf Chair: O. Tang Chair: H. Ding Chair: T. Chernonog
14.00-14.30 DanAsabe Godwin Geyi – David Hanley – Yahaya Yusuf – Claire Worthington: A Study of the Relationships Between Agility and Sustainability in the Oil and Gas Industry Devon Barrow – Nikolaos Kourentzes: An approach to inventory planning based on simulation and performance trade-off curves Xukai Chen – Huiping Ding – Zhu Yan: Multi-player model analysis of carbon emission reduction in China’s steel industry Tal Avinadav – Tatyana Chernonog – Gabi Hanukov – Uri Yechiali: A Service System with Inventory of Perishable Products and Customers who are Fastidious or Impatient
14.30-15.00 Andreas Bley – Christopher Grob: Comparison of Wait Time Approximations in Distribution Networks Using (R,Q)-Order Policies John Boylan – Nikolaos Kourentzes – Patrick Saoud: Using Demand Uncertainty as a Determinant of the Bullwhip Effect Xiang Zhu: Analysis of inventory and pricing decisions of a differentiated duopoly supply chain with power dynamics and gray markets Boualem Rabta – Gerald Reiner – Madanasinghege Dona Ruwanthi Shashikala: Vulnerabilities in Supply Chains for food and Perishable Products: identification and remedies
15.00-15.30   Marwa Hasni – Mohamed Zied Babai – Mohamed Salah Aguir – Zied Jemai: A New fill-rate based performance evaluation of forecasting methods for optimal spare parts management Mohammadreza Soltani – Ata Alalh Taleizadeh: Optimizing Pricing and Ordering Decisions of Firms in Presence of Piracy David Bogataj – Marija Bogataj – Domen Hudoklin: Evaluation of investments in Cold Supply Chains having final node in Smart Home
15.30-16.00     Hua Jin – Patrick Beullens: The Impact of Tax Legislation on Inventory and Supplier Selections Models  
16.00-16-30 Coffee
16.30-17.30 General Assembly Meeting
19.00-22.00 Banquet dinner
Hours/Date August 24
  MM8 – (Magnolia) IM10 – (Jasmine I.)    
  Chair: A.A. Taleizadeh Chair: I. Dobos    
9.00-9.30 Mehdi Adeli – Ata Alalh Taleizadeh: Analyzing Selling Strategies in a Sustainable Supply Chain under Versioning Péter Borbás : Inventory position management    
9.30-10.00 Davide Castellano – Mos Gallo – Andrea Grassi – Liberatina C. Santillo: The effect of GHG emissions on production, inventory replenishment and routing decisions in a single vendor-multiple buyers supply chain Dávid Losonci – Olga Takács – Krisztina Demeter: Searching for evidence – the impact of digitization on inventory performance    
10.00-10.30 Beatrice Marchi – Jessica Squaratti – Simone Zanoni – Lucio Zavanella: An Economic Production Quantity model with Work-In-Process inventories Imre Dobos – Tamás Koltai – Gyöngyi Vörösmarty: Sustainable supplier selection problems considering inventory costs in a DEA model    
10.30-11.00 Coffee (Foyer)
  MM9 – (Magnolia) IM11 – (Jasmine I.) W2 – (Jasmine II.)  
  Chair: C. Larsen Chair: N. Knofius Chair: I. Neaga  
11.00-11.30 Christian Larsen: The economic production lot size model with continuous adjustments of the production rate Matthieu van der Heijden – Nils Knofius – Henk Zijm: Moving to additive manufacturing for spare parts supply Irina Neaga: Inventory and Warehouse Management within Digital Supply Chains: Opportunities and Challenges  
11.30-12.00 Hesham Alfares – Ahmed Ghaithan: An EPQ model with variable demand rate, setup cost, production cost, and holding cost Patrick Beullens – Hafiza Zulkipli: Net Present Value Approach of a Newsvendor Problem with Delay Payment Maximilian Kunovjanek: The impact of additive manufacturing on inventories – A system dynamics based analysis  
12.00-12.30 Imre Dobos – Gyöngyi Vörösmarty: Green supplier selection and order allocation with DEA Qi Lin – Dongmei Ni – Qiuhong Zhao: Inventory Policy under Distribution free demand in the Dual-Channel Boualem Rabta: Performance measures, sensitivity analysis and comparison of inventory models  
12.30-14.00 Lunch