Modelling and Managing Inventories of Perishable Products

Session organizers: Rene Haijema & Tal Avinadav,,

The main focus of the session is presenting how perishability is taken into account in inventory and supply chain models (e.g., deterioration, spoilage, demand reduction, price setting, etc.) and how it affect decision making. This stream welcomes contributions related to inventories of perishable goods in a broad sense. Products one may think of range from fresh agricultural/food products and pharmaceuticals (e.g. blood products and medicines), to fashion wear and electronic equipment that depreciate in value over time and become outdated. Next to perishable products this session welcomes contributions to ameliorating item that benefit from ageing such as cheese, wine, etc..

The main topics are:

  1. inventory and supply chain models that are tailored to perishable products, i.e. contain features such as quality decay, perishability, age/quality-dependent demand or pricing;
  2. age/quality based pricing models;
  3. empirical studies on (food) waste;
  4. technologies to monitor product quality in supply chains;
  5. reduce, re-use, or recycle waste of perishable products.

We welcome empirical, and conceptual papers, next to modelling and algorithmic contribution.

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Abstract submission deadline: March 31, 2018

Contact details of the session organizers:

Dr. Rene Haijema,
Wageningen University,
The Netherlands

Dr. Tal Avinadav,
Bar-Ilan University,