ISIR Best Student Paper Award (BSPA)

Every two years the International Society for Inventories Research (ISIR) will offer a Best Student Paper Award, to be presented at the bi-annual symposium of the Society in Budapest. Papers will be judged based on their contribution to the advancement of theory and practice of Inventory Research. The papers may be thematically positioned under any of the current sections of the society (Management, Economics, Modelling, and Forecasting) and the selection will emphasise developments in theory and/or practice.

Entrants are being asked to submit their work to ISIR Secretariat before 15 May 2018.

The Paper Award Committee will then evaluate all papers and select three students as finalists. The finalists will present their work at the symposium, possibly in a dedicated session with all finalists. The winner of the award will receive a 500 Euro money prize and a framed certificate; the runners-up will each receive 200 Euro money prize and a framed certificate. All prizes will be announced and handed over during the banquet dinner of the Symposium. All finalists will be awarded a complimentary gala dinner ticket.

Eligibility criteria

The conditions for eligibility are the following. They are all mandatory.

  • Entrants must be registered Research Students (MPhil, MRes, PhD etc) on the 1st of August of the year of the symposium and the research must have been conducted during the student’s research degree.
  • Entrants should not have obtained another PhD prior to their current research degree.
  • The submitted paper must contain original work conducted primarily by the entrant and must be presented by him/her during the symposium.
  • The paper may be co-authored by the research student’s advisor(s) only if the student is the main author and presenter of the work in the symposium.
  • The topic of the paper should fall within the scope of ISIR as currently demonstrated through its four sections.
  • The submission should contain one single document comprising: i) a title page, with affiliation related information, details of the degree the student is studying for and information on his/her advisor(s); ii) the actual paper, not exceeding 25 double spaced, size 12 letters, pages. The document should be submitted as a single pdf file (regardless of the source files, Word, LaTeX, etc).
  • The student should be willing to present the paper, if invited / if being one of the three best ones.
  • The student must register for the symposium before entering the award competition.
  • Every entrant can only apply with one paper.
  • The student has to indicate during the submission which session his/her paper belongs to.

Submission process

  • Students register before 31 March 2018 for the Symposium and submit their abstracts at ./. (Entrants should tick if they wish to enter for the BSPA.)
  • Entrants submit their paper to the ISIR Secretariat at according to the above guidelines.
  • The Paper Award Committee evaluates the submissions and select the three best papers.
  • The finalists attend the Symposium and present their paper. (If possible, all committee members attend the presentations of the finalists ideally clustered in a dedicated session, after which the committee meets to decide on the winner.)
  • Winner is announced at the Symposium banquet dinner on 24 August 2018.


31 March 2018   Abstract submission for the ISIR Symposium
15 May 2018   Full paper submission to the ISIR Secretariat
15 June 2018   Decision on the 3 finalists
23 August 2018   Presentation of the awards